The brazilian Power/Thrash Metal band Dystopya released its new music video to the single "The Time Is Now!". This is the third track of its future EP called "Welcome To Your Insanity", wich will be realeased in march/2014.

"Welcome To Your Insanity" is a conceptual work about the endless conflict between an individual and his insanity. For each one of the four tracks wich compose the EP a video was made. They were directed, produced and edited by the vocalist Mike Oliva. João Gabriel also took part in the edition, and provided aditional cameras. It is a release from M&M Imagens & Música, with support of M&M Produções.

The single "The Time Is Now!", with 2 tracks and complete graphic work, is available for download at:

More information about Dystopya can be found at:

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